Attention Sage Bank Debit and/or ATM Card Holders:

Please click here before you take any action related to your current Sage Bank Mastercard® or your new Salem Five Bank Visa® Card.

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We’re making banking (and switching banks) easier.

We’re all about convenience. So we’ve put together a to-do list for switching to Sage Bank. Just follow the steps below to get started. 

  1. Decide which Sage Bank Checking Account works best for you. If you haven’t already done so, you can review our checking account options online.
  2. Stop by a Sage Bank Customer Center. Once your Sage Bank account is open, simply stop using your old account and start using your new Sage Bank checking account.
  3. Add Direct Deposit to your Sage Bank checking. Add the convenience and security of having your payroll and other scheduled income checks deposited directly to your new Sage Bank checking account. Simply complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form or any other form your employer requires.

    To arrange for Social Security Direct Deposit, please call the Social Security Administration directly at (800) 772-1213 with your new Sage Bank account information.

  4. Switch your Automatic Payments. Please fill out the Automatic Payment Authorization Form to change any automatic payments being paid from your old account to your new Sage Bank Checking Account.
  5. Switch your Online Bill Payments. Use our Monthly Online Bill Payment Organizer to record information on each monthly bill that you are currently paying via online bill payments from your old account. This organizer will make it easier to set up payments from your new Sage Bank Online Bill-Pay service and provides a valuable and permanent record of your monthly payments. 
  6. Close your old checking account. You may confidently close your old checking account using our Request to Close an Account Form, after you have successfully completed the steps above and:
    • All the checks and other payments you authorized have been paid from your old account;
    • AND any direct deposits are being made to your new Sage Bank account
    • AND any automatic payments are being made from your Sage Bank account.